If you live anywhere that is as HOT and HUMID as New Jersey is right now (and has been all summer) then you need to figure out ways to STAY COOL.

Being HOT, unable to cool off, and stuck in HUMID weather are all SVT triggers.

SVT is an excess heat related issue so obviously HEAT and HOT weather is not SVT’s friend Have you ever walked outside and felt like your heart is going to go into an SVT just by inhaling the air? Well, there are certain things that you can do to PREVENT HEAT from triggering your SVT…

Here are some tips on how to stay cool and prevent an SVT

  1. Drink TONS and tons of water. All day every day, don’t stop.
  2. Put chlorophyl in it. I use the drops. Do this every day!
  3. Take Fish oil, DRINK it if you have to…(just kidding), follow the directions. but LOAD UP.
  4. Eat/ Juice cucumbers
  5. Eat light small meals
  6. Dont eat Wheat, pizza, bread or any gluten
  7. NO ice cream!
  8. Eat small salads, freshly juiced green juice and cooling foods (See The SVT Prevention Diet
  9. Go swimming if you are anywhere near a pool, take a cool bath
  10. EXPRESS what makes you stressed…ause your journal
  11. Go to bed early
  12. DONT DRINK alcohol sorry! It creates heat!
  13. Go to the bathroom frequently, that is one way the body releases heat!
  14. ANGER IS HOOOOOT, so if try to breathe and CHOOSE your reactions wisely!
  15. Just STAY home in the A/C if you can!
  16. No caffenine. This goes without saying since I always recommend NO caffeine.
  17. Always bend from the knees, Use your thigh muscles to lift your body back up.
  18. Stand up straight. Dont slouch over the computer. Dont compress your chest.

OK, hope this helps you to cool off and avoid SVT;)

xo Laura Your SVT Coach