If you have SVT, I have breaking news that is about to change your life.

Dr's englandA few weeks ago as I was researching SVT as I always do in my spare-time, I came across two Doctors based in the UK who are in the process of changing the quality of life for the supra ventricular tachycardia community.

Introducing the inventors of Valgo, a novel handheld device to treat life-threatening and non-life threatening palpitations. Dr Johann Grundlingh and Dr Ali Refson are both Emergency Medicine consultants in the NHS, hospital services in England. They have both worked in Emergency Medicine for many years, striving to treat adults and children with life-threatening heart abnormalities.

They have invented a device that they hope will become available to every SVT sufferer to carry with them in the event of an SVT . Valgo: Blow the beats away.

This breakthrough will be life changing for SVT sufferers on many levels. Not only will the device serve to stop an SVT, making trips to the ER less necessary along with uncomfortable shots of adenosine, but it will also help to drastically reduce the paralyzing anxiety that SVT suffers face. The inevitability of an SVT episode occurring and the inexplicable fear that this produces in people with SVT is something that is hard to explain to someone without SVT. A handheld device that you can carry in your bag to use in case of emergency, will introduce a new found FREEDOM that SVT sufferers have long forgotten and desperately yearn for. To be able to travel anywhere, drive alone, fly, go to work, with peace of mind is priceless.

While my role as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Board Certified Life Coach is to help people with SVT make diet and lifestyle changes that will naturally help people prevent episodes by improving overall health, this device is the breakthrough our community has been praying for.

I am delighted to be in communication with these two pioneers and I look forward to supporting them in any way we can. They are aware of our vast and growing community and thrilled to join forces to help create needed traction in the ability to move forward in their efforts to bring this life-changing device to the forefront of our community.

Learn more from this video below and please stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved to ensure the development and availability of this important device.

The ValGo is a novel invention for the treatment of SVTs. You can keep it in your bag and carry it with you. We are now crowd-funding to run clinical trials on the device. PLEASE donate to allow this device to come to the market and save lives. UPDATE: The crowd funding is over. They have already raised enough funds for clinical trails. They are in phase two. This video is for educational purposes and they are NOT asking you for money at this time. However they/we will be asking for other types of support such as filling out a survey and the like. More to follow on exactly how we can help! 


We can help them by taking a brief survey. To learn more and take the survey click HERE