We ALWAYS think we are drinking more water than we actually are.

Hydration and water intake is one of the first things we need to look at when it comes to SVT Prevention. When you sign up to get my Top Ten TIps to Heal SVT Naturally, Tip#1 is DRINK MORE WATER.

Many people who get SVT are D E H Y D R A T E D!

Dehydration is what I call an SVT Trigger. and luckily triggers are easy to mitigate.

On the last page of the Top Ten Tips (my free 14 page e-guide available when you sign up for my emails HERE) is a Drink More Water Checklist. It’s a simple page on the last page of the guide that you can print out each week to actually check off as you intake each glass of water.Another method I like to use to see exactly how much we are drinking is to measure out your total daily intake into a pitcher (which you leave on the counter)  and then just drink from the pitcher the whole day. Every time you fill your glass or a to go bottle fill it from the pitcher. At the end of the day, this will clearly tell you if you took in enough H2O that day!

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In The SVT Prevention Diet I recommend increasing your water intake to about half of your body weight in ounces per day. I hope you will raise your awareness around this simple habit that you can control!

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