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Are you ready for a WHOLE NEW WAY to Navigate your Supraventricular Tachycardia? Open Your Mind, Become Self-Empowered and Discover New Ways to Manage Your SVT!

Hello and Welcome. I’m Laura Madrigano. I am a mom to 2 boys, a Blogger, a Designer, and a Coach; and I help people with SVT learn to use natural, integrative, self-healing strategies to reduce and eliminate their SVT.

I have had SVT for 25 years along with POTS, hormone fluctuations, headaches, constipation, digestive issues, anxiety, panic attacks and more.

After the birth of my first son at age 35, I experienced a debilitating health crisis including relentless SVT’s, misfires, palpitations, exhaustion, and anxiety. I used that health breakdown as an opportunity to practice many of the holistic strategies that I had long read about, experimented with and believed in. I took a leap into healing my SVT “naturally” without any formal guidance, as no one was discussing it at all at the time.

Pregnancy and the taxing toll that the demands of motherhood placed on me, (both physically and emotionally), set the stage for my health crisis, but the truth was that I had been having having random SVT’s and various symptoms for at least 10 years prior. Countless visits to every type of traditional doctor, left me without answers, feeling alone and desperate for help. I was almost “forced” to take an integrative approach to find relief and as I did, I slowly realized that SVT was the way my body was communicating to me the deep depletion and imbalances that I was experiencing and had been for a long time.

This depletion, was the result of a combination of so many factors… some of which were; the culmination of years of pushing myself, of overworking and under-earning, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, stress, poor eating habits, sugar addiction, leaky gut syndrome, overtaxed lymphatic system, not listening to my needs, ignoring my hearts desires, not realizing how undiagnosed food sensitivities were impacting my gut health, how my emotional wounds were manifesting as physical health issues, how I was tolerating emotional abuse in my life and more!

There wasn’t a traditional doctor who could really help me, because the solution I needed was an all-encompassing one. I needed an integrative approach to my SVT, one that included nutritional support, emotional healing and even spiritual, mental and energetic shifts and change.

Today, I empower people with new viewpoints and the integrative fundamentals that are a necessary part of restoring health, no matter what your health challenges are.

The integrative path to healing begins with changing your view about SVT and seeing it from a whole new way; as a symptom of deeper issues and as a way that your body is trying to get you to pay attention. Step one, is always, to stop hating your SVT.  To see it as something that is here to help you engage on a healing journey. This journey, will ultimately benefit you in so many ways, if you allow yourself to embark on it.  The very first shift then, that I hope to help you with, is to allow your SVT to open up a dialogue with yourself that includes engaging with yourself and your symptoms with love and an open mind. Get curious about your SVT, maybe even ask it why it is here, what it is trying to tell you or help you to realize. Take a moment to contemplate with it, maybe even get our your journal. Your SVT is not a punishment or a reason to be mad at yourself. In fact, a very deep part of what I personally had to learn from my SVT, was just how hard and harsh I was with myself, and how much self-compassion I had to learn.

My SVT has been my teacher, and the more I showed up as a student of it, the easier and less scary the lessons it had to teach me became. SVT, and probably any health challenge, is an invitation to go deep, maybe deeper than you have ever gone before, into what you need, what is stored in your body from childhood, what needs to be released, what is coming up for healing, and so much more. This will be a journey into many areas of life, including your past, all with the goal of helping you to clear and heal, so that you can find your way back to your true and whole self.

My Heal SVT Naturally Protocol, which are the formalized steps (coming soon 2022), is the result of over 25+ years of healing work both on myself for my own self-recovery along with helping people from around the world with SVT and related issues. The protocol, is a summation of my all my personal and professional work as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, as a  Spiritual Life Coach, and all of my work using non-traditional, self-healing methods.  I help people with SVT feel empowered to use integrative solutions to transform their lives.

Below are some links to important articles and resources to help you get started on your journey, until my more formal protocol is ready!

Thank you for being here!

Xo Laura

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