A private sort of subject, but one that needs attention, especially for those of us who have SVT. I cannot stress the importance of having daily easy bowel movements..for so many reasons…but especially to help avoid an SVT.  I will start with an energetic reason….We want things flowing down…not up….If the bowels are clogged up and energy, waste, toxins are not passing through, it builds up, taxes our system,  and puts pressure on the intestines which in turn puts pressure on the heart. Since our hearts are already pre-disposed to “extra pathways” “” wiring”” us for an SVT, we want to try to avoid stressing this already compromised area. Healthy daily bowel movements, keep things flowing in a down and out motion and can be considered a preventative measure.

In order to achieve “healthy, daily, bowel movements”, we need to pay close attention to what we eat so that we are insuring that everything will be absorbed and passed easily. Things that help with this are:

  • Cod liver oil ( I put 1 teaspoon in my smoothie each day)
  • adding probiotics to your daily regime. morning and before bed
  • magnesium (good for heart and bowels)
  • 1 scoop green vibrance each day in water ( I do this first thing each day)
  • ground flax sprinkled onto anything..yogurt, salads, smoothies, (at least 1x per day)
  • water (depending on your height, weight, about 50-60 oz per day)
  • aloe vera juice 2 oz at night or follow directions on bottle (great for people who are constipated)
  • fish oil (I take 2-3 tablets per day)
  • breathing…3 times per day, nice long deep inhales and exhales…from the stomach (before you eat, before bed)
  • avoiding wheat, gluten, dairy (sorry!)
  • increasing vegies, greens, salads, etc
  • adding whole grains like quiona, rolled oats
  • snacking on veggies with hummus
  • snacking on apples with almond butter
  • switching ice cream for almond milk or coconut milk ice cream. Add some carob chips if you have to have some chocolate crunch (this is such a good alternative for people who have an ice cream addiction…!!!)

The frequency and consistency of your bowel movement is directly related to your state of health…Loose stools are not any better than hard infrequent ones….If you are tracking your diet, make sure you are also tracking your BM’s…they give great value and insight into how you can continue to manipulate your diet to help support your efforts to avoid SVT’s.

Nearly every SVT I have ever had was on a day that I DID NOT have a morning bowel movement. IT can really set you up for an SVT especially since the reason you are probably not having a BM is because you ate something you were allergic to that is clogging you up and slowing things down…(wheat, gluten dairy, meat). It’s a double edge sword really…you are leaving the allergen in your system for longer which makes you prone in general and then you also clogged up the energetic, downward, flow of things…a major contributor to the “perfect storm.”

SO….What to do if you did not have a morning bowel movement to help things move…

  • drink lots of warm water with lemon
  • add a little liquid chlorophyll to your water
  • take some electrolytes with your water (NOT Gatorade). Buy some electrolytes packets from the health food store. they are great packets to carry with you and drink especially when you feel “Off”
  • don’t eat ANY bread, dairy
  • If possible only eat greens until you have a BM. maybe some sautéed spinach, or steamed broccoli, kale juice etc
  • take extra cod liver oil
  • stretch
  • go for a 1/2 hour walk
  • and pay attention to the subtle clues that you are ready to go….When I havent gone and need to, some of my signs are: my heart starts murmuring, sometimes I feel hot, and nausea…

There are soooo many reasons that it is important to have nice daily BM’s. Preventing SVT’s are just one of them! Feel free to comment on foods that clog you up or help things flow!