Here are some naturally gluten free breakfast ideas to help you start your day!

  • Smoothies. Green ones, red ones, any kind you can think of will do. I always start with a banana for a base. Then I layer a berry, usually strawberry, blueberry or if I took the time to de-pit cherries, those are the ultimate. Then I layer in green vibrance, a bit of raw local honey, and a pea based protein powder ( i use Mediclear)  I use rice milk or almond milk or coconut water. For a decadent thick treat add a tablespoon of almond butter. Blend and enjoy. Best in summer and spring.
  • Gluten free Oatmeal. Use Bobs red mill naturally gluten free rolled oats and make on your stove top or if using from a packet make sure to use a plain flavor to keep the sugar down and add your own toppings. Try flax, hemp seeds, blueberries, honey and cinnamon.
  • If you eat dairy, try cottage cheese with diced apples and honey.
  • Goat yogurt with rolled oats, gf granola, chia seeds, and whatever else you have on hand. Drizzle with a dash of maple syrup or honey.
  • Egg omelette, with spinach
  • Chicken apple sausage (I use trader joes.)
  • Gluten free toast with whatever you like on top…avocado, organic cheese, or almond butter
  • Yogurt Parfait with granola and the usual toppings like honey, hemp or chia seeds, and raisins.
  • Quinoa berry bowl. (pictured above)  Cooked Quinoa reheated with a little rice milk and cinnamon, topped with your favorite berries.
  • weekend treat…gluten free pancakes with berries…Use almond butter on top to get the protein and not feel heavy and tired after eating. Always add a little ground flax to your batter.

What are some of your favorite, healthy, naturally gluten free breakfasts?

xox Laura