ALL 998I had a baby a few months ago!!!!

When you first have a baby your risk for SVT can be very high for several reasons.

First you are probably completely sleep deprived…a major SVT trigger. I’ve been sleep deprived for 5 months now and I JUST realized that all the comments that I read on my iphone in the middle of the night and “APPROVED” when I was doing my night feedings, actually never really were getting “APPROVED” !!!!??&%#@!!!!

SO, if your comment was one of the last 26 that JUST got approved TODAY,  IM SOOO Sorry! I guess I need to get on my lap top for the APPROVE button to actually work. Im really not sure why that would be, but I was just shocked to learn this! Live and learn, sorry!!!

I cant wait to post about SVT and my pregnancy, sleep deprivation, the time I ATE GLUTEN when I was pregnant and sooo much more, but for now Im sooooo exhausted with no time to really write much. I did just reply to several comments, I will keep catching up when I can. Lots of love to this amazing community!!!! I cannot wait to share more soon! See my cute baby! Proud mommy of two beautiful boys!!! xoxox Laura

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