Lots of posts yesterday in the Heal SVT Naturally FaceBook group from people who felt alone and frustrated with their SVT. Comments about how they were at holiday gatherings and not able to partake in what their peers or family were eating…things like bread and cheese or wine.

As a Life Coach, SVT Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,  I spend 3 days a week in my office working with incredible people who come to me from all over the world via video coaching to help them change their life and learn new skills to manage SVT. People who are ready to do the very hard work of looking in the mirror to do the brave healing work before them. It’s a courageous choice and I never take it lightly when someone chooses to “do the work”. Healing can be hard! Changing from a place of victimhood to a place of empowerment is no small feat, and in many ways DEFINES “HEALING”, in my opinion.

I didn’t really know that I was a victim until my old boyfriend told me I was.

I was around 25 years old. He was a cool producer from Hollywood taking me to movie premiers, traveling, reading scripts and going to raw food restaurants. Hollywood was ahead of NYC, where I lived, in many ways. For starters, people were seriously  serious about their health.

He taught me how to make smoothies in a vitamix (still my obsession today), what green power to use, how to be cool around movie stars, and most importantly; how to look in the mirror and take responsibility for my life.

I learned how to get “on the court and play” instead of sitting on the sidelines complaining about my life. He was a little harsh at times I thought, and would rather he taught me some lessons with a more gentle approach. I didn’t always like his method of teaching (although it was effective). We parted as friends. Today, I have him to thank for the fact that I have xray vision now when I hear people (or myself) talk/act/think like a victim, especially when it comes to their SVT.

How are you being a VICTIM about your SVT?

Not being allowed to eat bread and cheese isn’t a punishment. It’s something you choose to do to assist your SVT prevention lifestyle plan, which is by the way, your new full time job.  Dairy is gross anyway, when you really learn about all the hormones in it, how it clogs up your lymphatic system, and contributes to the SADD diet that triggers SVT. If you are avoiding dairy, consider yourself lucky;) Your way ahead of the game!  And if your friends or family don’t have SVT, they probably have something else. Everyone has something. If not today, then tomorrow. You would be doing them a service by serving them something else more healthy instead of cheese and crackers, I promise!

Learning how to like, re-make and serve healthy foods that don’t slowly cause diabetes, autoimmune diseases and SVT is a good thing.

Pass the Guacamole and non-gmo corn chips…

If there is ONE gift I can give today, it is the message that you CAN go from being a VICTIM to feeling empowered and sometimes the only way to do so, is for someone to tell you when you are being a victim.

So take today, the last day of 2015, to cry about things and complain and then get ready to look in the mirror to see if you are being a VICTIM of your SVT? .Then ask yourself, are you really that upset that you “can’t” have processed bread with sugar, and that you “have to” take better care of yourself?

INSTEADm  I invite you to thank your SVT for being so relentless in its mission to get your attention. Look in the mirror and be really honest with yourself about what you are eating or doing that could be contributing to your SVT? (Have you read The SVT Prevention Diet and learned about the SVT-GUT connection?) I ask you to welcome 2016 as an EMPOWERED person who is happy that they are learning new ways to elevate their health and start thinking of all the ways LIFE will change when you DONT have to worry about your SVT anymore because you are eating like a ROCK STAR and it no longer plagues you.

 I ask you to look at your energy and see if you are being a victim in other areas of your life and not just around food and SVT.

Is 2016 your year to eat guacamole and LOVE it, or to keep crying over that cheese?  There is NO one on earth who can take better care of you than you. You can do it, and when you do, you will begin to LOVE your LIFE again, or maybe even for the first time!

Lots of Love, Healing and Gratitude to you all.

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Love Laura

Your SVT Health Coach