Here’s whats happening behind the scenes at Heal SVT naturally….

First, I have just fixed several typos in The SVT Prevention Diet E-book and will upload the corrected version this week. That guide is 200 pages, and more like a book fyi. Interested? Click HERE

I am also creating a few blog posts with excerpts from the book, so if you want to read those to see if your interested in the book, you can…those will be posted to the bog one per week for the next few weeks. Click here for the first page of The SVT Prevention Diet

I am creating a google survey where you can answer a few q’s about what you thought of the guide so people can review it and see other people’s reviews. This is coming soon and I will do a blog post just on this topic. 

We are working on the youtube channel, upgrading the videos and making lots more.

And, I am creating a page on the Heal SVT Naturally website with a list of FAQ’s so you can access that page anytime to answer to basic questions, and even comment so that I can reply with further information.

We are adding an ASK LAURA page to the website. where you can ask me anything! Submit a questions and it will be answered either via blog post, video or on the FAQ page. Have a Q? For now submit it below as a comment, and stay tuned for the reveal of that new page. 

A NEW Instagram Account devoted just to HEAL SVT Naturally. If you love instagram as much as I do, you will LOVE this new account devoted to everything about Healing SVT Naturally. It will have inspiration, recipes, stories, and more. Please follow along if you are into instagram HERE

And finally, coming very very soon, is my new group coaching offering which will be a new way to work with me in an intimate setting with other committed SVT friends in a VERY affordable way.

Lot’s going on behind the scenes! Please comment below with anything you hope that I will add soon! 

I CREATE self-empowerment tools to help people with SVT

I hope you will take advantage of the HEAL SVT Naturally RESOURCES I design to help you take back control of your health and your life. They are listed below.

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