Your Accelerate heart has a Message for you…

I was 28 years old working as a fashion Design in NYC when I had my first SVT. I opened my own manufacturing business, was depleting my bank accounts faster than you could say “garment center”, and the stress I was girl praying naturaunder was immeasurable. I’m sure I drank an iced coffee that day, it was the norm, with at least 4 -6 sugars. I likely also had a chocolate chip cookie. Never did a day pass without one.

I was bending over to pack a shipment and when I stood, my heart seemed to be locked in some kind of racing beat. Having suffered from panic attacks for years prior, I knew that this was different.

That story was nearly 20 years ago. The first thing that happened as a result of that original SVT, was that I met the Love of my life and the second was that I became a Life Coach helping people HEAL, Align with their Life Purpose, and Create a Business around it.

I write more in depth about the details of how those emerged in my upcoming book but today I want to remind you that your Accelerated Heart has a message for you and mine was to help me align with my Life Purpose!

When I had my first SVT, I felt like it was a curse. No one I knew had the same, or could relate to what it was. I felt alone and scared for my life. When I was able to look past that, the deeper truth was that my SVT was here to help me move through a depleting, unfulfilling business choice, address my lack of self-love and care, and ultimately align me with the intimacy I craved in my love life as well as with my own soul.

SVT lead me to become a Life Coach which allows me to give and receive in ways I never dreamed possible. But just because I never dreamed them possible, doesn’t mean that someone else wasn’t dreaming them for me.

The Universe has a plan, and as we let go and follow it, things unfold that are so perfect for us, it’s amazing! “God dreams bigger dreams for you than you can ever dream for yourself”, and I like to think of my SVT as my wake up call to align with my potential.

So what is your SVT trying to tell you? Are you living to your full potential? If you could look past the misery and angst of your SVT for a few minutes, can you name some of the blessings of having it? What might it be here to show you? If it only had one purpose and it was a message of LOVE, what would your special message be? My SVT helped me to heal and LOVE myself and is helping me to help you all do the same. I will take that, gladly, and when I do, it makes my heart beat to the rhythm of LOVE!

Xoxox Laura

p.s. If you want or need help in finding the blessing of your SVT, navigating this confusing path, developing loving self-care routines or creating a business rooted in your passion, gifts and divine service,  I would love to help you! I am a Life + Business Coach with a Specialty in understanding the complexity of having Accelerated Heart Issues.  You can live a Life you LOVE, and I want to help you LOVE yourself to the Life you dream of! Email me at to set up a free 20 minute call.