Is SVT controlling you and taking over your thoughts and life?

Is this you…?

  • Is SVT controlling and consuming your life and thoughts?
  • Are you always afraid of the next looming episode?
  • Do you feel afraid to fly, drive or be alone with your children?
  • Do you dread travel?
  • Do you scout out the nearest hospital “just in case”?
  • Is SVT triggering your anxiety, or even causing you panic attacks or to NOT wanting to leave your house?
  • Are you unhappy about going on beta blockers and are not sure if you want to have ablation?
  • Do you feel frustrated with traditional cardiology and long for a whole body approach?
  • Do you feel hopeless like no one understands and most people don’t even know what SVT is?
  • Do you want to help yourself but don’t know how?
  • Are you starting to realize that your SVT has triggers like specific foods or stress or lack of sleep?

Hi I’m Laura Madrigano. I am a Board Certified Coach and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and I help people use Food, lifestyle and self-care to manage and prevent SVT. I’m currently trying to put together a list of things that I used to feel, before I had my SVT under control, so that people who are acutely suffering with SVT won’t feel so alone. I, for one, understand what you are going through. Please comment below on anything else that best describes how you feel (or used to feel) about your SVT? I think it’s important to create a space for people to feel less alone before they have their SVT under control. Thank you!

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