Is This You?

  • You are suffering with CHRONIC SVT EPISODES. You had your first SVT. You never even heard of SVT prior to your first trip to the ER. Supra-ventricular what?You hoped it would be a one-time thing, but episodes seem to be happening more frequently…and always at the least inopportune time.


  • Your FEAR of acute SVT is GROWING. Every misfire or palpitation has you nervous now, and you are beginning to worry about SVT all the time.You know that each time SVT happens, you either have to break it yourself or head to the ER for adenosine. You are not even sure what is worse anymore, an actual SVT or the constant anticipatory anxietyof one occurring. The “What if’s” set in… “What if one happens in public?”, “What if one happens at work or on a plane?” You are becoming reluctant to travel, take public transportation, drive or even to be alone with your children. The SVT fear factor istaking over your thoughts and ability to lead a normal life. Friends and family don’t typically understand what SVT even is, let alone the growing SVT related anxietythat is starting to consume


  • DEPENDENCE on adenosine and Emergency Room Intervention is RESTRICTIVE. If you find yourself planning your activities around the proximity of a local hospital, then you know just how limiting your SVT condition has become.  No one wants to be tied to medical interventions at an Emergency Room as a way of life. When you do have to go to the ER to convert, you hate the way adenosine makes you feel. The whole SVT event leaves you drained and discouraged. You want your freedom back and loathe having to constantly wonder when the next time you have to go to the ER will be. Plus the hospital bills!


  • You want CLEAR ANSWERS. Why do you have SVT??? You diligently wear your holter monitor only to NOT capture an SVT during your designated 2-4-week period. It can take years for traditional cardiology to “catch” your SVT on an EKG and finally diagnose you. All the while, your basic blood work may be “normal”, except for the occasional low potassium after an episode. This further complicates your health puzzle. If you haven’t yet been officially diagnosed with SVT, some people may even question the validity of your complaints, call you a hypochondriac, or confuse your condition with general anxiety or panic attacks. You may even have other symptoms that your Cardiologist has not connected to your SVT yet, such as panic attacks, digestive issues, constipation, heat intolerance, headaches, POTS, or even an autoimmune disease or Epstein Bar Virus.


  • You are FUSTRATED with standard treatment options for SVT. You are starting to realize that SVT Episodes are not as “RANDOM” as traditional cardiology states, and they are not the sole problem. You don’t want to be on lifelong heart medication and are not sure yet if ablation is the right choice for you. You know that all medication and medical procedures have both risks and side effects. The possibility of becoming  dependent on a pacemaker as a potential result of agreeing to a catheter ablation creates real concern. You may hear stories about failed ablation or SVT becoming worse afterwards.  You WISH that there were other treatment options for SVT that you could try first. You wonder if there is anything more natural or any other options available to you?


  • You feel isolated. The fact that few people have even heard of Supraventricular Tachycardia makes you feel even more alone in dealing with your condition. Family and friends typically don’t understand what SVT is or what you are going through. Without proper perspective, support or any idea how to improve your situation, the SVT fear factor and negative mindset can lead to debilitating worrythat no one but a fellow SVT sufferer can comprehend.

This is no way for any of us to live!

It was unacceptable to me!

I was tired of feeling disappointed after every doctor visit and being disbelieved for the connections I was noticing between SVT, stress, sleep and digestion. I knew there must be things that I was doing (or not doing) to contribute to episodes but had nowhere to turn for guidance or useful direction to help myself. I intuitively KNEW that there had to be another way, than just medication and ablation, to address SVT and the SVT co-symptoms that plagued me.

Since I believe that ALL health issues are multi-layered and have a mind-body-spirit component, I decided to apply that logic to SVT.  Even though I would be breaking new ground and felt scared, I was determined to find holistic ways to improve my situation. I wanted to FIX all of the symptoms I faced and find out what was wrong with me at a root level. There was no integrative literature or specialized health coaches on this subject like myself at the time, so I used myself as an experiment using alternative methods and in doing so, paved a NEW PATH for myself and eventually for our SVT community.

If you are suffering and frustrated with SVT, there is HOPE to HEAL!