You need to change if you want your SVT to go away. ( say what???)

(yes!!!) and…You have to be 100% invested in that change.

Change. Real Change, Long term Change. That’s the thing with SVT, there is no quick fix.changes (2)

Since SVT happens as a result of depletion, poor diet, overeating, sugar addiction, inflammation, and more, it means that we have to address the things that lead us to those poor habits to heal the root causes of our SVT. It means we have to CHANGE. (Don’t believe me?…wait til my article proving my theory that diet is a major SVT contributor supported by the head of the Harvard School of Nutrition!!!)

The type of change that helps alleviate SVT is elevating your self-care, changing lifestyle habits, cleaning up your diet, reducing inflammation in the body, getting rid of foods irritants, addressing bad habits, addressing overeating or emotional eating, clearing clutter mentally and physically, and anything else that may be out of alignment in our lives. It’s a little different for everyone.

SVT is sort of like the alarm clock that is ringing saying OK…it’s taking you way toooo long to make the changes that have been calling, and now your health is paying the price, along with the prices you have already been paying, but tolerating. Your heart won’t tolerate it anymore.

Investing in change is energetically elevating yourself from victim to empowered

…and is one the hardest thing to do. As a Board Certified Life Coach in practice for almost 5 years now, I can tell you that most people, (myself once included) are a bit in victim more. Moving to empowerment is the hardest, but the most important shift, that you can make not only for your health but for your quality of life.

We all have resistance. Its so hard to change, (sometimes) . BUT I promise you will be rewarded if you get on the bandwagon and lovingly guide and support yourself through the transition to empowerment. (Oh and p.s. its my full time job helping people do this)

You can heal your SVT naturally,  but it comes from a place of change, empowerment and truth. Here are my tips to help you CHANGE….

1. Start by telling yourself the truth.

Let yourself tell the truth. Get out your journal and tell the truth. Simple! Tell the truth about your eating, your relationships, your job, your money, tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth! (The ugly truth!) Let your heart spill the beans.

Your truth is your freedom and your answers. Your truth is what your SVT is begging you to see and acknowledge. Your truth is your healing.  When you tell yourself the truth you have place to begin.

Starting there may be enough. Maybe you just need to sit with it for a while. Or maybe you are ready for more. Maybe you are ready to tell people the truth. Your truth! Maybe you are ready to tell the world your truth. ( I do and its feels AMAZING!! and my heart loves me for it and radiates on that high frequency of truth. This is another tactic that I consciously use to prevent SVT.)

  • So…Who needs to hear your truth?
  •  How can you find the courage to tell your truth?
  • Are YOU ready to face the truth?
  • Can you forgive yourself for not telling your truth sooner?

When you are truthful with yourself, you are empowered. (YESSSS!!!!)

When you are truthful , the universe shows up to applaud you and support you. When you are truthful, you will be guided to the next best steps. The universe loves the truth. We all love the truth. The world NEEDS your truth. (The universe is cheering!!!)

My truth was that I had a crap diet, I loved vegetables and ate them all the time, but I also ate Doritos, cookies, pizza and lots of other junk. I was miserable where I lived, crammed in and mad at myself for winding up there. I  hated myself for making a huge investment of energy and money in a business that “failed” and was really pissed that I wasn’t smart enough to “fix” it.  I was mad at God, my parents and anyone else I had the chance to be mad at. I had anger pumping through my veins, I was mad at my partner and I was exhausted from my bad habits. I complained, and spent a lot of energy on what needed fixing. I was so tired that I didn’t feel that I had the strength or energy to help myself heal. I thought sitting on the couch eating was a relief. It really felt good. But I was in a pattern, and only I could break it. I was a victim for a really long time.

I was a victim who went to therapy, read spiritual books, dreamed of eating healthy or being vegan and really wanted to change. BUT CHANGE means telling the truth and being IN ACTION and I wasn’t doing either. I wasn’t in action where it mattered.

My SVT got me to my truth, and to my change, and to my healing. I wouldn’t be here without it. I see that now and that’s way I can tell you that I LOVE my SVT. Its the first thing you see when you get to my website. “SVT was the best thing that ever happened to me!” My beautiful barometer, my friend who got me back on course. Who made my life so much better than I could have done on my own. (Wow right?) (Hint: Your SVT is here to help you…eekkksss really? YES! …but its disguised as an awful, scary debilitating health issue that you hate.)

2. Get in ACTION

So what to do…Well, 1. tell yourself the truth….then 2. FORGIVE yourself for waiting so long to be truthful. then 3. Commit to the TRUTH from here on in. Really…you have ONE life to live! When you live in your truth it makes it soooo much better!!!! 4. Get in action!

I was in action in the wrong places. I was in action helping my hubby change, I was in action helping to “fix” his life, his farm, his finances, his house, his his his…. I did that for YEARS. Boy was I was really barking up the wrong tree. Oh and did I mention he didn’t want to be fixed and didn’t want my “help”!  ( Remember the song..looking for love in all the wrong places…) I was looking in all the wrong places for growth, peace, change, self-worth, you name it…Oh and I LOVED to wait around for him to change and blame him for EVERYTHING. I did this for YEARS! Ugghh classic victim mode. So toxic! Que the serenity prayer…

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

So what are the RIGHT actions? What do you/ should you spend your energy on? You read that serenity prayer…COURAGE TO CHANGE THE THINGS YOU CAN.Hint: the answer is YOURSELF. And the more you want your partner (or insert who or what you are trying to fix or change)  to change the more you need to go look in the mirror and face the TRUTH. (I know, feels brutal, but I’m holding your hand!)

Look in the mirror and ask…

  • Where am I barking up the WRONG tree?
  • What do I NEED to let go of?
  • What AM I in control of vs not in control of?
  • What NEEDS my attention that I have been avoiding?
  • What in my life needs doing, organizing, or fixing right now?
  • What needs tending to in my own life?
  • How can I address my food, my health, my exercise, my habits, my finances, my business?
  • and then make a plan and DO IT…
  • (p.s. ACTION is the OPPOSITE of ANXIETY)

and then GO AND DO IT!!! START LIVING IN ACTION. Use all of your beautiful precious energy and brains on YOU. HELP YOURSELF!!!! Don’t worry what will happen to hubby or partner or this or that…just focus on you and it will all fall into place perfectly.

CHANGE YOUR FOCUS. This is how you change and heal and grow. (Amen!) 

3. Change your FOCUS

Shifting your energy to YOU and only YOU. This is the LAW OF ATTRACTION. CHANGE YOUR FOCUS. JUST CHOOSE TO FOCUS on something new and different. Then Radiate it, Be it! This is the next step after you get in action. Use this to STAY in action on the RIGHT things.

How? USE what I call spiritual tools like journaling, creating a Vision Board, using affirmations, meditating, making lists, reading inspirational books. Design what you want to focus on and then stay focused on it! A Vision Board has images of everything that you want to focus on. It is TOOL to remind your heart and soul what is important. What it wants to spend its precious energy on. Keep going back to it and referring to it every single day! Its the VISION you want to be to manifest, to live. A vision board captures the feelings you want to FEEL every day. Feelings are the gateway to

What you focus on GROWS!

Focus on doing small habits that feed your body and soul and you will be MOVING in the right direction. When you find yourself focusing on anything else, any thought or anyone that does not fall into your Vision of you, go look at that vision board, (or call your life coach, hopefully me…) or do whatever you need to do to get back in the zone of your focus.


OK so those are my 3 steps to CHANGE. and the type of CHANGE that is calling, are the ones that will help you prevent SVT. I know this is a BIG topic. If you want to learn more about this process, I’m teaching a class on it in March. Stay tuned for the details!!! In the meantime…get your journal out, look in the mirror, tell your truth, and start making your vision board! These are the steps that lead to self-empowerment!

Sending you lots of healing love and support

xox Laura

Big things await you, You deserve it, You are ready!