Hello SVT friends,
It has been a busy summer and now the kiddies are back to school. Finally time to write to you all!
So what have I been up to? I worked on my adding a heater to my existing swimming pool,  I created a private heal svt naturally facebook group for us all to join and I am just finishing up a website specific to SVT coaching which I will announce soon!  I also hired a babysitter for my 19 month old so that I can go back to the office 2 days per week.
Oh and I cleaned out my garage (three times!) I must say that clearing out really stirs things up. I am loving the NEW energy that clearing out the old has allowed to enter my life! I’m feeling lighter, clearer, and less bogged down…like there is actually some room to ask myself my favorite question…”What do I really want?”.  I find the answer is a little different than usual this time and I can’t wait to share more soon about what my new energy has revealed!
So… how are you all doing? Now you can actually answer in our NEW FB group! Yeah!  See details below…
Private Facebook Group

Announcing our new PRIVATE Heal SVT (supraventricular tachycardia )naturally FACEBOOK group. Benefits of the group:

1. A way for us all to easily connect and communicate with each other.

2. Ability for you all to meet fellow SVT friends!

3. I will be there once a week live for one hour for you to ask questions to. Look for me every Thursday (thank you babysitter!). Time will be announced the night before!

4. A place for SVT pep’s to be heard, voice our concerns and carve out a place in this vast world for us to bring light, healing and understanding to SVT.

5. A place to share alternative ways to Heal SVT and accelerated rate issues naturally.

I hope that you will join me there!

click HERE to join