Recently someone wrote in who’s 10-year-old boy suffered an SVT (exchange below). Most of the time, this blog is directed to individuals who directly suffer, but this questions made me realize that many parents out there might be scared and suffering with how to help a CHILD who has SVT. If you do have a small child who is experiencing SVT, please seek advice from an appropriate medical doctor, and then add in the following:children

  • Try to speak to your child when they are calm and resting and feel relaxed about how they feel. What is scaring them, or worrying them and ask how you can support them?
  • DIRECT their food choices. DO your best to make them lots of veggies, and soups and healthy snacks and treats.
  • SLOWLY get them off a SAD diet. Don’t tell them they can’t have pizza or cupcakes, just SLOWLY learn how to make those favorite foods healthier for them. No one has to be deprived of these foods, just make a healthier version of them!
  • Visit our new RECIPE page, that is COMING soon for amazing recipe ideas and tips to help SVT sufferers.
  • Seek the advice of a naturopathic doctor in your area, and click on this website to learn more about naturopathic medicine These are MY Dr.’s who also appear on Dr. Oz etc.
  • Remember that ANY food changes that you make, can help the WHOLE family. Everyone can benefit from more veggies, adding in naturally GF grains, and eating desserts made with less sugar but still delicious.
  • USE the resource page of this site to help you gain overall support and also check out the blogs I LIKE at the sidebar for places to browse for recipes.
  • Try to create a calm home environment and work on your own issues as a parent. As a parent myself I KNOW that if I am upset, my child is upset. Try to handle your stress, and issues the best you can so that they don’t affect your children.
  • Do yoga and meditate in front of your child. Even if you feel distracted, let them see you caring for yourself. They WILL try to copy you, climb on you and join in, even if its only for a few minutes! This will give them a gift for a life by remembering how their parent always took time out to care for themselves!
  • ADD in probiotics to their diet. ALL healing begins in the GUT!
  •  Make sure they have healthy BM’s everyday. (remember bowel movements are an amazing clue as to what is going on in the digestive tract) If you need help with this, CALL ME!
  • Make sure they are hydrated and not drinking sugary juices and NEVER let them have soda. Lots of water, freshly made veggie and fruit juices and even TEA!
  • No caffeine in anything!
  • Don’t let them have CANDY or FOOD coloring, make them homemade cookies and treats instead! You will slowly learn how!
  • Try to find a local resource to help you while you are learning how to bake naturally GF treats. Some towns have new juice bars, and places that are focusing on healthy foods. IF you live in a city, I guarantee that you have a gluten-free bakery nearby!


READER Q: Hello,  My son has had episodes on an off with SVT( we think) really can not get a definite answer. Yesterday we went to the ER and his heart rate was 250 BPM…. That brought in a lot of Dr’s into the room.. Scared and wondering if you have any advise. He is 10-year-old and full of life. Plays sports, Hockey, soccer, and baseball, and has not had an episode while playing. We have had a heart monitor but of course he never has an episode while having it on! Thoughts suggestions, words of wisdom…. As a parents we are stuggling and scared!

Laura Answer: What did he eat 24 hours prior to the episode? Follow the guidelines you see on my blog…. No sugar for him or WHEAT at all…. and get his stool sample sent into enterolab asap and see what his allergies are. Of course, you also need to do all the usual tests from the regular Dr.’s to see if anything significant or structural shows up. But I would start with the same basic guidelines we all follow…increase water, sleep, and cut the allergens out, NO GLUTEN…He was probably hot, dehydrated and ate a trigger food. If you want to do a private coaching session email me off-line. Thank you!

Remember parents, YOU ARE THE LEADER, you can help your child eat healthier. Let them inspire you to be healthier yourself! We only have ONE life to live! I hope you feel inspired to take a step toward improving your health today! xoxox Love and Healing , Laura

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