I cannot tell you how happy these reviews about The SVT Prevention Diet E-guide make me feel. Thank you!!!

I create self-empowerment tools to help people heal their SVT naturally, and one of my most informative and ground-breaking tools is the SVT Prevention Diet e-guide. The SVT Prevention Diet E-guide is a 200 page Digital download that will help you learn everything you need to know about The SVT-Gut connection and how to use Diet for SVT Prevention, management and long-term healing.

If you have been considering if this guide is for you, below are some reviews of the guide…


“The e-guide was so helpful…and I learned so much about what could be causing the SVT and how to get my body back in balance. So many questions that I had about SVT were answered.”

“I love the information and it makes so much sense! The organization of it is very well thought out. It is practical, detailed and succinct. I will refer to it often and can turn to a section easily if I need self-care reminders!”

“This guide lives in a special place near my journals, vision boards, meditations, music, photos, candles, yoga and recipe books!”

“Regardless of what health issue you may be facing, this guide will help you on all levels . It could actually be titled nutrition 101.”

“NOW … all I do is think about inflammation from eating a certain thing or a certain way together with feeling a certain way (stress, lack of sleep, being angry perhaps). I have learned so much about inflammation from Laura. Doctors don’t mention inflammation much at all but it is A BIG THING!!!”

“It over exceeded my expectations”

“This e-guide exceeded my expectations. It was so comprehensive and detailed!!!

“I learned how to prevent SVT from the get-go instead of thinking only about treatment(s). For me I now think that I am a “food processor”. From what goes in and helps the body, heart and mind to chewing and letting the body do the work.”

“I would have wanted this info when I was a lot younger. So, in turn, it is only good news to share with people!!! Spread the word and help others!!!!”

“This e-guide delivered on it’s promise and was Worth EVERY penny!”

“Laura I am on page 97 in your book and I can’t begin to Thank You! I have been writing things down like a crazy person… You have presented Everything in a way that is so well written and thought out and considerate of the reader and where they are on their own personal journey!  I keep saying to God “Bless her” I will be e-mailing you with more things regarding my own SVT experience and how you have validated me in many of the things that I was wondering about!  You are Wonderful to care and give so much of yourself and your Sympathetic Nervous System is a Blessing. PS Your books should cost Way More than they do and it tells me how much you care about your message and us!”




I CREATE self-empowerment tools to help people with SVT

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