The Gluten Impact on SVT

excerpt from The SVT Prevention Diet E-Book available HERE 

“Another critical source of inflammation is GLUTEN that many people are unknowingly allergic or sensitive to, that indirectly and directly set one up for an SVT condition and acute episodes. As a result of gluten damage in the gut, it is quite common that someone also becomes sensitive to other foods as well. (such as dairy)

Gluten is the protein that naturally occurs in wheat, barley, rye and other similar grains. It is the “glue” that gives bread dough its light, sticky texture. That same sticky residue interferes with the breakdown and absorption of nutrients in the small intestine and wreaks havoc thereafter. Food carrying the gluten proteins alerts the immune system to create anti-bodies against the gluten.

Consequences take place both immediately and in the long run in several ways.  Some people get instant feedback of abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux or bloating. The majority of people actually experience symptoms in other systems of their bodies, often “under the radar” of their awareness instead of or in addition to digestive problems.  Examples are brain fog, aches, and palpitations.

For people who have Celiac Disease or are gluten-sensitive (disproportionately common in theSVT community), they are predisposed to experience a cascade of inflammatory reactions and immune dysfunction to occur throughout the body if they consume gluten.  Over time gluten consumption is frequently the gateway to digestive dysfunction and gut damage.

This chronic Inflammation and leaky gut syndrome impact your blood quality which also impacts SVT.  All of the body’s organs including the brain, heart, thyroid and liver are fair game for this inflammation to do damage.  This sets you upto suffer hundreds of symptoms including numerous autoimmune diseases.  And this is in addition to SVT, POTS, panic attacks, headaches and anxiety.

While not everyone is sensitive to gluten, a very large proportion of SVT sufferers have experienced dramatic improvements with many symptoms including fewer SVT episodes when they eliminated gluten from their diet.

The main challenge in eliminating gluten is that it makes up a huge part of the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) and their derivatives are hiding in countless foods products. You will be surprised how much of it you are consuming once you start reading labels and raising your awareness. Some unexpected examples are soy sauce, canned soups, salad dressings, candy, creamed sauces, sausages, multigrain products, French fries, gravy, ice cream, processed meats, in addition to the obvious ones like crackers, rolls, bread and pasta.

The good news is that you can do a lot to control this kind of inflammation in your body by eliminating poor quality and immune-reactive foods, and adding in a balance of natural whole foods, healthy fats and protein.

Your motivation and your goal is to heal your SVT naturally, but the bonus reward is that your whole body stands to benefit from a completely anti-inflammatory diet and way of eating.

Being gluten-free is non-negotiable and my single most important rule in Healing SVT naturally. (If you are not having success yet, chances are you are not gluten free. If you are gluten-free and still having episodes, there is still so much mnore you can do, this is just a foundational guideline!)

There is no such thing as being mostly gluten free; You have to be 100% gluten-free to fully benefit! As long as you are consuming any small amount of gluten, you are not allowing your gut lining to heal.

Having an occasional donut or pizza does NOT qualify as being gluten free. Since this is such a large, complex, and crucial topic, I have written a supplemental e-guide named SVT & Gluten Free that is available HERE if you feel you need additional information and support in this area. 

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Some people with SVT take the no gluten rule to another level and eliminate all grains which is called Paleo or Keto. This modification may produce further benefits such as weight loss. A side effect of becoming gluten-free in general, is that you will be reducing carbs in general, just through your efforts to eat only gluten free products….”

Decreasing inflammatory foods like gluten, sugar, caffeine,red meat and processed foods is a cornerstone of the SVT Prevention Diet.


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I hope this info was helpful for you! Let me know

Love Laura

Your SVT Health Coach

I hope this info was helpful for you! Let me know

Love Laura

Your SVT Health Coach