Do you feel trapped by your SVT? Are you stuck in a rut just waiting for the next SVT to occur? Do you feel stuck or blocked  in your healing journey or with money to help suupport yourself with all the things you want to do?

Do you know how to change? Do you believe you can change?

Do you start to change and then feel overwhelmed? Is there too much to do, too much to clear, too much actual stuff around you? No time to work on yourself? Do you get started and then loose steam and crave relief? Is your relief in the form of a habit that actually just perpetuates the issue? Like sitting on the couch eating…or watching TV or going to bed too late, or making new messes around the house, or isolating?

How can you stay inspired when you want to change but feel trapped? How can you set yourself FREE? 

Here are my best tips + tools  to help you help yourself get out of stuck-ness and move toward freedom in every area of your life.  The tools below will help you increase your awareness and then give you ideas to turn your awareness into ACTION steps. This is what I do as a Coach; I help people take inspired action steps to move their life forward.

  • Tip # 1- Make a Vision Board. A Vision Board is an actual visual to help you begin to connect with your dreams. Taking the time to create one gets the energy moving and ignites the law of attraction. Take action on your dreams by creating a collage that represents them! Looking at it every day is a visual reminder of your mission, dreams and desires. The more you connect with your dream both mentally and emotionally, the faster you can call it into existence. So set aside some time and let yourself dare to dream. What do you dream of? What do you want? Give yourself permission to connect with your lost dreams! Have FUN making your vision board.
  • Tip # 2- Redesign your calendar and schedule. We can’t create more time in the day but YOU can move things around and shift things to make your schedule work better for you and obtain the time you desire. You are the designer of your life. You can create or recreate your schedule and it all starts with managing your calendar. This action step will help you feel empowered and remember that you are the one in control of how you spend your time here on earth! Start to schedule in time for you to do things you actually WANT to do. Time in the kitchen, time on your yoga mat, time to have a date with your love, time to be alone and self-care, time to do nothing, time to rest, time to clear the clutter, time to work on a project, you need time to clear and connect and it starts with penciling it in on your monthly schedule. You can do it! Then guard that time you worked hard to create with fierce boundaries!
  • Tip # 3- Get moving! When you physically move things, your body, a pile of clutter, your bed, things start to magically follow suit. We are energetic beings and moving energy shifts everything. Start to move things around including yourself.
    1. move pen to paper in a journal and do some release writing
    2. move your body on a mat by stretching
    3. move your body by walking..on a treadmill or outside
    4. move your body by watching youtube workout videos that inspire you. For the ladies out there who want a feminine lean body check out my new favorite girl Tracy Campoli.
    5. clear a pile of mail
    6. clear the laundry room
    7. clear pots off the stove (for more money)
    8. move things out of the garage and give stuff away
    9. move your body through dancing, riding a bike, hiking. BUT…if you have SVT…take it slow, don’t push yourself, move with grace.
    10. Light incense and burn a candle
  • Tip # 4- Use affirmations! Generate new thoughts and Let go of the old ones! Start generating new thoughts around your stuck-ness by using affirmations. Change starts with your thinking and belief systems.
    • I am ready to move
    • I let go of being stuck
    • Being stuck no longer serves me
    • I love moving
    • I invite in new energy
    • It is safe for me to move forward
    • I can connect with my dreams
    • It’s my time
    • I am ready to receive what’s mine
    • I am committed to change
    • It feels good to let go
  • Tip # 5- Use a journal to make a list of what your habits are costing you. If you are trying to change and keep falling back into your old ways write it all down for clarity. Start by making a list with 2 columns on the page. One side write: How is this habit (or situation) serving me? On the other side write: What is this habit costing me/keep me from? It can be hard to acknowledge that your habit or situation that is making you miserable and you want desperately to change, is also serving you in some way and that is why its still around. Be honest with yourself. No one is judging you. It takes courage and self-compassion to be truthful. This process will help you get clear on your awareness, and help you move from victim to vulnerable. Vulnerability is empowerment and empowerment generates movement, growth and change. 

OK my friends. I hope these tips help you begin to move forward, feel inspired, and get un-stuck. As always, if you want personal support, send me an email. Working with a coach is a huge investment in yourself and can help you change your behaviors and change your life! xo


Your SVT Coach

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Love Laura

Your SVT Health Coach