A quick reminder about the importance of H2o. WATER is the FIRST “go to” resource I use to prevent SVT in general. Staying hydrated is one of the most important and easiest things we can do for our bodies. The minute I feel a flutter, or hot, or “off”,  I check in with watermyself about the last time I had a glass of water and assess my water intake. I then go immediately to the kitchen to pour myself a tall glass of room temperature water. This FREE and EASY Resource is my number one TIP for SVT prevention.

The temperature of the water you drink all day should be room temp, not too cold. Why? Because that is the gentlest temperature for our bodies to adjust to and we put an unneeded work load on our digestion when we consume COLD things. I only use COLD water if I feel symptomatic..(which on some days may be frequently). In fact, if I feel symptomatic, a cold glass of water with ice sometimes does the trick. and, every time I leave the house, it’s always with a container of water with ice. However, on a normal day when I’m just staying super hydrated, room temp water is the way to go….all day long…

So , how may glasses of water are you drinking daily? A general goal should be around 6-8. When I was pregnant, I drank even more.

Another easy tip is to always start your day off with a tall glass of water. This gets your first glass down right away and has other benefits as well…it will get things moving and clearing and usually send me straight to the bathroom for my morning Bowel Movement. (another preventative measure)

Then I drink another half glass with my scoop of Cal Mag Citrate… with two glasses down, your off to a good foundation to continue with throughout the day.

Do I even need to mention…NO SODA???? ever!!!!

So, check in with yourself and see if your water intake is sufficient….or if you are due for a tall glass right now!!!