What is the Heal SVT Naturally Approach?

It’s important for everyone to get to know me, my philosophies, and what The Heal SVT Naturally Approach is.

Today, I am sharing with you an excerpt from the new e-guide, Heal SVT Naturally THE BASICS

Healing SVT Naturally is an integrative approach to viewing your SVT and your whole health picture.

The Heal SVT Naturally Approach enlarges the medical view and brings a fuller understanding into light by exercising integrative and functional approaches. It looks for the root causes of SVT as opposed to just ridding you of acute SVT episodes using symptom suppressors as solutions.

Integrative healing takes into account your entire health history, and views SVT as a symptom, not the illness itself. It considers all of your symptoms and co-symptoms, even the ones that you may not think are related. It looks at your personal story, triggering events, your emotions, and your behavioral and lifestyle habits. An integrative approach views your whole health picture as interconnected and studies how your unique set of circumstances contribute to your symptoms.

An integrative approach uses all the healing sciences to design treatment options and values a long-term healing plan. It is individualistic, and uses methods to help facilitate the body’s own innate healing response.

It seeks to alleviate the weaknesses in your body by determining all of the underlying causes. If you address the underlying causes, you will find real relief and lasting healing.

My methodology to Healing SVT Naturally and the choice to use an integrative approach did not happen overnight. I struggled just as you may be now, with searching for answers from doctors, doing all kinds of bloodwork, wearing holter monitors, and following the usual protocol. I relied on doctors to help “fix me” and make me feel better. But my allegiance to traditional procedures, wasn’t working.

I discovered the integrative approach as a result of my disappointment, and the need to search for new methods of healing in order to survive. I think that this is how many people are led to alternative solutions. When traditional treatment doesn’t help us, we are driven to search outside of the box to find help.

As with many integrative approaches, Heal SVT Naturally looks at how people contribute to their health through individual beliefs and lifestyle choices. While this burden of responsibility can be difficult for a patient to accept, it can also be empowering. Taking responsibility where you can, helps people gain confidence and regulate what is within their control which leads to powerful changes.

Healing SVT Naturally is about inspiring people through support and knowledge to take responsibility for their actions and choices while empowering them to trust that the answers they seek and power to change resides within themselves.

My approach is the result of over 20 years’ worth of personal experience and professional research. I have not only transformed my own SVT and whole health picture but was then inspired to actually change careers so that I could bring my alternative healing strategies to other people who were suffering with SVT and related issues.

A New Road to Health

While mainstream health conditions are benefiting from progress in new research and exploring integrative treatments, SVT is left out with no one addressing how diet, nutrition, stress, gut healing, hormones and the nervous system are connected to the SVT condition. I have listened to and coached hundreds of SVT sufferers and time and time again, it is through addressing those integrative root contributors that is the remedy to healing SVT naturally, (just as it was for me). This is what I focus on in my SVT research and integrative coaching work and is my signature way of helping people.

Healing SVT Naturally requires a combination of this new view, a commitment to behavioral and lifestyle changes, devotion to self-care, and openness to breaking through your blocks that stop you. If you are willing to do those things, you can transform your health and your life. While this new way of navigating health isn’t always the fast, easy path, it certainly is rewarding. We all want to feel healthy, vital, energetic, and alive and meet our full potential. You can’t do that when you don’t feel well and are suffering with SVT.

Optimum Health requires planning and intention, which is ultimately the new way that integrative coaches view health-care; as self-care and prevention.

Self-care is the new Health-care

Today, as an SVT thriver, a Board Certified Life Coach, and now an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am able to confidently tell you that there are many things that you can do to help yourself overcome your suffering around SVT and take back control of your health and destiny.

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xo Laura

Your SVT Coach