I JUST finished the first e-guide in my HEAL SVT NATURALLY Empowerment series called…

Heal SVT Naturally: THE BASICS

I want to tell you about this guide, what is in it, and what to expect from it so that you know if the guide is for you.

This is e-guide that I WISH existed when I was at the beginning of my SVT journey. 

Who this guide is for:

  • People that want to get a full understanding of their SVT from an integrative perspective; Why they have it, what the healing stages of SVT are, what the root contributors are, are what integrative healing is.
  • People that are new to Healing SVT Naturally and at the beginning of their SVT research.
  • People who have had SVT for a while but are new to learning about how to Heal SVT Naturally. 
  • People who want to learn about an integrative approach; what that means and how to do it.
  • People who want the full picture, the WHOLE picture to SVT; traditional viewpoints, and integrative viewpoints.
  • People who are not really satisfied with their medication, side effects, have had failed ablation or just want to learn about a more natural approach.
  • People that don’t really want to go on medication or have ablation but are not sure and want to get a better understanding of everything so that they can make fully informed decisions.
  • People that are interested in healing their SVT naturally and are not sure what that means and what it entails.
  • People who want to TRUST themselves more and not count solely on their doctor to change their health.
  • People are ready to take more control of their own health and need support and direction.
  • People who want more than Traditional Cardiology, who feel like their doctors are not helping them with their whole health.

The Indispensable Guide to Navigating SVT (2)The e-guide explains:

  • The stages of SVT.
  • Ways to stop an acute SVT episode.
  • The concept of  SVT triggers, what they are, what brings them on and how to manage them
  • Root contributors to SVT and their impact on the entire body.
  • The importance of food tracking as a tool.
  • The benefits of long-term SVT prevention.
  • How to shift your view and see SVT as an opportunity to assess the quality of your overall health and happiness.
  • The differences between traditional cardiology and an integrative healing approach.
  • Insights from my personal healing journey and how you can relate it back to your own experiences.
  • Action steps that you can begin to take right now that support the Healing Stages of SVT.
  • An introduction to the Heal SVT Naturally Approach.
  • Information on the new on-line course that I am designing to help people who are interested in being guided through deep stages of healing.

Reviews of the E-guide: 

“Laura’s, Indispensable Guide to Navigating SVT, is the most comprehensive information on SVT to date.”

“Several things I found useful thus far are the different methods to get control of the SVT episodes that none of the doctors cover. She stress importance of knowing triggers, and discovering root causes.”

“This guide was helpful for me as I never even heard of healing SVT naturally”. It helped me see that there are many paths to explore.”

“I liked this guide. SVT really does have things that are causing it aside from just random electrical misfires”

I hope this information helps you make an informed choice when deciding whether or not you think that this e-guide will be useful for you! If you think this guide is for you: The guide costs $9.99 and is available for immediate download HERE 

More Heal SVT Naturally RESOURCES for You:

I hope this info was helpful for you! Let me know

Love Laura

Your SVT Health Coach