So…if you are following my blog you know that I believe wheat/gluten sensitivity can trigger SVT.  I had my last SVT in Feb 2012, the afternoon after a night of WHEAT..(and cheese and meat),…all of which I no longer eat. Eating allergy friendly all of  the time is no picnic. It requires food planning and preparation….and sometimes every once in a while, I crack.  Yesterday was one of those days where I was feeling sorry for myself..complaing about the suburgatory that I live in.  I recall my “Soho” days when I was surrounded by every possible food you could want or need in NYC, within a 3 block radius. All of which delivered.  Days like yesterday, I would give almost anything not to have to prepare another meal for myself…If only I could pick up the phone…….

Enter the dinner I made for my 4 year old…. (I do try to feed him GF as much as possible, but since he’s not sensitive, I don’t limit him entirely). So…when I smelled the soft, fresh, Tuscan bread that I bought at trader joes that was ever so  lightly toasted to perfection with just the right amount of butter….I cracked! He left over about a 1/4 of a slice and I just couldn’t control myself.  I rationalized that my digestion could handle it. After all, I am taking a new “gut support” powder…it must be healed by now…..

Enter Today….(My allergies like to come out the following day, making it super easy for me to reflect on the prior day’s intake to see what I ate.) Since my bowel movements are like daily clockwork now (since changing my diet) whatever I ate passes through me which helps to limit the allergic reaction….BUT…I DID REACT….Today was the first time in almost 4 months I almost had an SVT…twice. (more on the importance of daily bowel movements to avoid SVT later)

Sometimes my SVT’s start when I bend over…and today was no different…the only difference is that it didn’t stick….It tried though…(did I mention twice)…So…here’s my equation:

  • Wheat + cheese + meat = SVT
  • No wheat, no cheese, no meat for 3.5 months=NO SVT
  • Wheat (just a little)=a little, almost, not really SVT (bonus: a small panic attack after I dogged the SVT)

I guess even though I write a blog about this subject, sometimes I  remain in my own denial that not only can I really and actually no longer eat wheat, (I’m Italian!!!!)  but my body will react to it despite my will or how fresh the tuscan bread looks. Truth is, there are so many easy fabulous substitutions that I honestly don’t feel deprived (most of the time)…Seems like those days when we are most weak and craving our familiar ways, must mean we are equally susceptible to SVT’s.

Those few bites have me back on track, and I am thankful for the reminder.

technical note: I also ate something yesterday with “rice” in it. According to my stool sample results I’m sensitive to “rice” also. Most likely Im sensitive to rice because I have been sensitive to Gluten for so long undiagnosed that my body is attacking anything resembling gluten (ie: rice) so…to be technical, I not only ate some actual gluten yesterday, I also ate rice…

p.s. I “reposted” a nice smoothie recipe I made that I posted to my other blog “” Loving re-posting…its been bugging me what “post” to “post” on which blog!

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Love Laura

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