Gluten Intolerance and The SVT-GUT Connection

I am going to attempt to try to begin to explain in more detail how GLUTEN intolerance and SVT are connected…I will do further research and ask some nutritional experts and keep posting my findings…but here is what I think is happening to us….

1. When we eat a food allergy food like GLUTEN, something happens in our digestive track that causes havoc on many levels….one of which is that it’s somehow depleting us of essential nutrients and minerals in trying to digest it. One clue to this occurrence is in our stools…either they are constipated, or loose, too frequent, or not frequent enough…Analyzing your stool will give you major clues to what’s going on..Thats why the stool sample at enterolab is so informative and important.

bowel movements….If you have perfect healthy full nice bowel movements, one per day that’s a great sign…So really pay attention to your bowels…they are the biggest clue of all of whats going on…

2. Over time, as our minerals become depleted…the imbalance simply wreaks havoc on our other systems….the electrical system of the heart being the one that is disturbed in us…ie: SVT.

I have always said that I feel “off” prior to an SVT…I have inherently known that I’m depleted in something…just never knew what specifically. Many of us are blindly taking supplements, potassium, etc…but I’m thinking the deeper things like iodine play a major role….The reason I think this is because for the last few months and longer even, I have been eating a wonderful balance of pink Himalayan sea salt mixed with iodized salt….and I have been great….I ran out a few weeks ago and notice an increase in my SVT symptoms, anxiety, and other things since consuming random sea salt that isn’t pink and isn’t iodized….I will continue to do more specific research on this and keep everyone posted….

There is no doubt in my mind, that just as people are discovering the major role the “Gut” plays in our overall health….our “gut” health is directly linked to SVT. I will continue to try to find concrete evidence to stand behind my findings….

Until then, without even focusing on your SVT…start to analyze your stool and see if you think you have healthy nice bowel movements or if you think your stool is trying to tell you something….If you suspect a food allergy…its most likely gluten, although it can be another like dairy, eggs, etc….but if you need a place to start, try to eliminate gluten, and pay close attention after a few weeks to see if there is a change in your stools….

Keep in mind, so many of us have been allergic for sooo long without realizing, that it really takes a long time to clean things up…For me it was over a year…of taking healthy probiotics, no gluten, I was off dairy for a while too, lots of nourishing foods, etc…before I noticed a drastic change in my bowels….I had loose stools for years or I was constipated, and I never seemed to feel like I was “going” enough for the amount I ate….Again, I innately knew something was off with my bowels….

Lastly, we all have to realize that gluten, like so many foods nowadays, are genetically modified, stripped of nutrients and it’s really no wonder why so many people are allergic to it…Its not really that crazy of a concept….

I promise you that if you eliminate gluten you will be doing your health a favor on many, many levels…..

more soon…Lots of peace and healing xoxox

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