I have been taking an amazing yoga class for about 4 months now. I go every Wednesday morning no matter what. My instructor is always reminding us about how much information our bodies are constantly conveying to us and being in class is continuous reminder of this beautiful and vital relationship.

Yet, when it comes our bodies communicating to us through SVT, we all view it as a nightmare. We see it as a foe, something here to make us miserable, scare us, and be afraid of.  We forget the component of it communicating valuable information to us. We forget that our bodies work for us. It is the vessel that allows us to bring forth our purpose, our love, our missions, our families, our joy.

We are partners with our bodies.

top of the rockWe are here FOR each other, not against one another. This alone is a beautiful realization. You and your body are friends. If your body is hurting or your heart is pounding, you need to be there for it, to see how you can help it. IT is YOU! It’s asking you to listen to it and be attentive to see what it needs just like you would for anything person or thing that you love.


What if we took a moment to view our SVT as a way that our bodies are conveying to us extremely valuable information and trusting us to decipher its messages and take action on them.

My role is help you listen to and connect with your heart and body along with the deeper messages of SVT and help people move through what stops them from living a life they LOVE. I help people implement self-care, elevate their nutrition, and dig for the deeper spiritual and emotional layers to their SVT. We all have tremendous gifts and services to bring to the world, that the world desperately needs, and you cannot be your best self when you are suffering…suffering with SVT.

You can live happily with SVT and view it as your barometer and friend!  

Today I want to help you help connect with your body so that it doesn’t have to have an SVT for you to pay attention to it.

Here are a list of possible messages that your body is trying to send to you in the form of an SVT and ways to help yourself partner with those messages and respond long before it becomes an SVT.

  1. Who or what are you tired of? SVT is not just when we are physically tired but emotionally and spiritually as well.
  2. What needs to be felt and expressed? Holding in your feelings it is a set up for an SVT. Can you find time every day to let off steam, self-express in healthy ways and let the flood gates open? Issues reappear at many different times in our lives giving us another chance to heal.
  3. What needs to flow? Do you feel stuck? Moving things around in your home, clearing clutter, going for walks, all get things moving and have a ripple effect in every area of your life.
  4. What subtle messages does your body send you each day and in what part of your body do you pick up messages most?
  5. Try to respond to one way your body is talking to you every day. Even if it’s just a pause to acknowledge what you are feeling and thank it for the ways it talks to you. Ask yourself for the solution. Today I feel achy, I asked what it needs and the answer is less food, and no sugar. This makes sense to me as sugar can cause inflammation. Inflammation= achy. Now I have a choice to listen and respond.
  6. Do you promptly listen to your natural rhythms and cues? Do you drink when you are thirsty? Do you stop when you need a break? Do you go to bed when you get your first tired cue?
  7. Do you continually push push push? Can you promise to listen to it 90% of the time, so the rare moments that you really need to push, you have the reserve to withstand it? And then make up for it by refilling your bucket afterwards?
  8. If you have created a life for yourself that feels like a constant push with no room for self-care, relaxation, and rejuvenation, why you think you created this type of scenario and what can you do to take things off your plate and slow it down?
  9. You are constantly changing. What used to work for you may not work for you anymore. It’s totally OK to change what you need to change. You are allowed to change your mind! Support yourself to gently change what you need to.
  10. Self-care routines help us to LISTEN. Do you have spiritual listening practices in place like journaling, yoga, walking, meditation, resting? LISTENING is a skill. Increasing your listening practices will help you in every area of your life.
  11. What messages do you think you might be missing or ignoring? If you KNEW that responding in general and responding faster could help avert an SVT would that inspire you?

Each of us have our own unique messages and needs. SVT is your wake up call to listen and respond and nurture yourself. Self-care, Self-love, feeding your body healthy foods, less sugar, more water, more rest, more joy, clearing out the old, and creating a life you LOVE is my recipe for healing your SVT naturally. These things WORK, and they can start WORKing for you too. It all really starts with LOVING ourselves a little bit more, being a little more gentle, a little but more forgiving, a little bit slower, and whatever else your SVT is conveying to you…I hope this helps inspire you to take the very best care of yourself and your body that you can! This is our LIFE to live to the fullest! xox