Every-time someone posts one of their SVT stories I am inspired to continue to help support people to HEAL their SVT NATURALLY.

If its true that things are universal than I’m not the only one who has a tremendous amount of stress going on in life right now. Two careers, a move, and a 5 year old. I’m drained lately all of the time. I have all the ingredients that lead up to SVT….So why haven’t I had one?

Question from an SVT Reader: “I “know” I’m teetering on the edge and each day can’t seem to get away from the cliff, How do I AVOID an ACUTE SVT?

….So what to do when you are in this position and can’t make the immediate changes you KNOW  you need? Here are some suggestions to help you AVOID an ACUTE SVT…

1. Go to bed between 10-11 every night. This is major. Lack of sleep is your enemy and this one things alone will help you, even if your day are packed.

2. Drink lots of water. If nothing else, stay hydrated…and add chlorophyl to your water. It oxiginates your blood which is probably depleted. This is my super trick of all tricks.

3. Dont eat wheat. Even if you havent been tested for GF allergies, the bottom line is the wheat that is in everything is garbage. It’s genetically modified and creates an unnecessary burden on our hearts.

4. Eat as clean as possible!!!! That means lightly cooked warm veggies, quinoa, beans, and if you eat meat it MUST be organic…..limit sugar and when you do eat it make sure its honey, brown rice syrup, etc.

5. If you are GF, be careful you are not consuming “dead” foods. Most of what makes up for the lack of gluten in a product is just a bunch of replacement “garbage”. Gluten free means a commitment to eating clean and fresh.

6. Everyone needs some pleasure…I understand!!! So take the time to bake some nice cookies with whole ingredients…like millet flour or quinoa flour, or garbanzo flour…etc. There are millions of amazing blogs out there with tons of great recipes…If you take 1 hour to bake for yourself, it will provide you with a weeks worth of healthy treats to feed your sensitive bodies!!!

7. Instead of snacking at night, get your journal out and ask yourself why you push yourself so hard? Why you over extend, why you push your body and mind when you are tired? Why you don’t make self-care a priority….These are good questions to try to unravel…and hopefully the answers will lead to insights on how to let those “not enough” feelings go…

8. Realize that something is putting a toxic burden on your heart….We dont know the answer to that yet and in each case its different…so until we figure that out…try to put less toxic stuff into your body….your heart does not have the extra energy to clear it all out. Toxic burdens come from pesticides, environment, food, products like shampoo, body lotion etc…and thoughts…(There are endless places to lool to clean up!!!)….A little less toxic burden everyday will help your heart!!!!

9. Be gentle on yourself…and everyone else…!!!!!

Hope that helps!

Love and healing, Laura

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Love Laura

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