Junk Food Increases Your Risk for SVT

Junk Food- This blog is super simple…

Get rid of Junk food! Stop eating it! Stop putting junk in your body!

But if it were that easy to stop, then we would all stop.

So what’s with all the junk food?

When did we start eating so much junk and how to we stop it? Because doing so, will no doubt help you start reducing your SVT episodes.

We all eat junk food or have at some point in our lives. The problem is, that when you are trying to heal SVT naturally, it starts with your diet and cleaning it up, big time, especially for fast results.

So why do we eat sooo much junk food to begin with, especially since we know its probably not good for us and part of what is making us so sick?  Here’s what I come up with so far…

  • Convenience
  • Addiction
  • Mindless eating
  • Old habits
  • Reminds of us childhood
  • It tastes good?
  • Cravings
  • It’s Fast
  • We never learned how to cook
  • What else can you think of?

Tips to help you STOP eating Junk Food:

  • Try to really think about where it goes after it passes through your mouth.
  • Connect with the knowledge that every bite of food you eat, you assimilate, turn into energy, cells, mood, and life-force
  • Identify and learn from your cravings. Are you really hungry? Are you sleepy? Do you need water? Need to rest? What are you really craving? Love, attention? Time for yourself? If you are really just hungry or need energy then:
  • Be prepared. Think about your snacks in advance so you have them ready. What kind of snack do you like? Salty, sweet, protein based?
  • There are soooo many cool and new snacks out there. Everything from protein balls to cacao nibs mixed with almond butter, dark chocolate with goji berries, lentil chips, spicy chickpeas, macro-bars, and more. You can make your own or buy them.
  • A simple bag of mixed nuts like raw almonds, pecans, raisins, cranberries, cashews is a good place to start. Just carry around a bag of nuts in your briefcase or pocketbook. So simple!
  • Think protein. Protein helps you have consistent energy. So if you crave an apple, have it with a teaspoon of a nut butter for long lasting satisfaction.
  • Learn to bake. Do you live for chocolate chip cookies like me? Learn to bake a healthy version yourself. Use rolled oats, almond flour, ground flax, coconut oil, so many ways to be creative!
  • Ditch the Doritos. Need some crunch? Have you ever tried making your own beet chips or kale chips or sweet potatoe chips? So delicious and spice them up however you like. Have fun! All you need is a baking sheet and some spices!
  • Love yourself. Take a deep breathe and think about what you would feed someone that is precious to you and that you love!
  • Just choose. It only takes a few weeks to make or break a habit. Choose HEALTH. Make a commitment, Make a vision board of your goals and connect with how you will FEEL without all that junk!
  • Make a list of healthy snacks to refer to when you need some inspiration
  • Change a habit. If you know you like to eat junk in front of the TV…try to ditch your TV habit. When you have a free hour, fill it up with something nourishing like a bath, walk, yoga, or something else that will fill your bucket

Everything we do, every choice we make, every bite we take either depletes us or nourishes us. Hope this inspires you!

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