I have always been a journaler. I have written off and on throughout my entire life. I am currently re-reading my old journals for a writing project that I am working on and in doing so, I found my journals from the few years just prior to my very first SVT episode.

As I scoured those tender pages, with the gift of hindsight knowledge, I got a real glimpse into exactly what I was going through prior to the onset of my SVT.  

My observations confirmed my theory about SVT; that SVT is a health issue that arises from a combination of factors and root causes. These factors culminate, over time, to create the perfect storm of SVT. I believe those root causes are physical + nutritional, emotional+ mental, energetic + spiritual. (Learn more about my theory and The Integrative Approach to Healing SVT Naturally in this blog post HERE). I also believe that the way we view our SVT, our perception of it, is the difference between being a victim of SVT and our circumstances or our initiation into becoming empowered and embark of a self-healing discovery journey. SVT is our crossroads. Both our perception and response to it dictates our future experience.

Not coincidentally, many of the themes that came up throughout my journal pages for the 1-3 years prior to SVT were:

  • DEPLETION– I was utterly exhausted. I was endlessly working excessive long hours, and staying up late every night, sometimes working til 3-4am. And all for a boss that didn’t appreciate it anyway. I was constantly PUSHING myself. (SVT hates when you PUSH yourself)
  • I had major boundary issues– I was unfulfilled at my job as a Fashion Designer in NYC. I didn’t like working for an over re-active, unappreciative boss. I accepted my stressful job as “normal”. I could never stand up for myself, ask for the raise I deserved, or the assistant I needed. I never left on time to purse my personal life, I blamed my boss, and on and on… I did not have the skills to set the boundaries with work or with relationships
  • Self-Neglect and Ignoring my needs-I desperately craved time off, more time to myself in general, restorative practices that I NEVER made time for, and nourishing foods that I had “no time” to cook. There was a general lack of connection to my own needs. I wasn’t able to nurture or nourish myself.
  • I had MIGRAINES-My body was crying out for help for years prior to SVT with other symptoms such as migraines, constipation, hemorrhoids, rashes, anxiety and panic attacks. I never got to the ROOT of those, and just lived my life sort of “used to them”,  which is why I they progressed and culminated into something that actually would finally demand my attention like SVT. Migraines, panic attacks and SVT also all have similar physical + nutritional root causes; such as undiagnosed food allergies and sensitivities, leaky gut syndrome and over-burdened lymphatic systems.
  • Lack of Spiritual Connection-I did not have consistent spiritual practices and routines that could have supported my efforts to hear my intuition more clearly or access the advice and direction that I so deeply desired.
  • Ignoring my own INTUITION- I did this a lot. Because I didn’t have the solid connection to my intuition that I craved, when I did have internal guidance, I didn’t respond to it. One example is that I was ignoring my intuition regarding a boyfriend. My intuition kept telling me that he was cheating on me, and instead of trusting what I “knew”, I spent my precious energy questioning myself and searching for concrete evidence. (The definition of Intuition by the way is: “the ability to perceive or know things without conscious reasoning” The inner conflict I dealt with regarding this resulted in my energy feeling constantly drained and questioning myself. I was internally conflicted and not feeling aligned. By not trusting my own inner knowing, I was not honoring myself. (I now know that SVT asks us to HONOR  and follow our intuition.)
  • SEEKING LOVE and FULFILLMENT outside myself- It was a little cringy to read just how much I wrote/dreamt about romantic love. To say I was searching for love or my soulmate, or dream/fantasy scenarios would be an understatement. Further, I was way too crushed when someone didn’t love me back. It was just so painfully evident to me now that I was desperately searching for then could only be found by looking within. Until you create and develop a GOOD relationship with yourself, we are never going to find this from someone else. I was in desperate need of self-LOVE. (I know now that self-love is cultivated by self-healing practices and learning how to hold space and compassion for ourselves. One thing that helps with this is working on healing our inner child. Outstanding unhealed childhood wounding is emotional root cause of a heart chakra issue like SVT.)
  • Self-hatred-This one is a combination of constantly talking to myself harshly and critically, and re-cycling negative emotions over and over again and not knowing how to hold space for myself and how to release emotions thru self-compassion.
  • Unhealed Childhood WOUNDING-As I just mentioned, my sacred wounds were ever present, just under the surface, dictating every scenario I attracted.
  • Unhealthy relationship with Food-Eating poorly- craving SUGAR, EASY FOODS, CARB DENSE foods, overeating, binge eating, binging and purging, soothing with food. I had all of it. And ALL of it are SVT triggers (check out the guide I wrote about all of this called The SVT Prevention DIET HERE) 

In summary, I wasn’t connected to my heart truth. I wasn’t doing the real work needed to help me connect to it, and live it, speak it and allow it to guide my life.

Instead of taking time purse my spirituality and ground myself into healing practices that I was fully committed to, I immersed myself in coping strategies. I was a work-alholic, I was a binge eater. I was obsessed with love and other things outside of own internal landscape. My career and relationships were built on trying to be things that I wasn’t. I was always  trying to prove myself, striving instead of being. Living a life of TRYING is exhausting and depleting.

All of my experiences were reflections of how I felt about myself and I didn’t have the understanding yet of how The law of attraction was working in my life.

Proving yourself worthy, working overtime, allowing abuse, PUSHING yourself, exhaustion are  ALL SVT FUEL.

It’s NO WONDER I developed a Heart Chakra ISSUE. My heart, my body, my experiences were all asking me to self-reflect, to do my healing work, to pay attention. But I didn’t! My body had to do something more drastic to get my attention and demand that I stop ignoring, pushing, and depleting myself! Hence SV

The disconnection from our Heart Truth, and just how far we may have strayed from it, is one of layers that contributes to energetic imbalances, emotional disturbances and illnesses such as a heart chakra condition like SVT.

But there is much that you can do to help yourself change the direction of your life and health.

If you are stuck, like I was, in patterns of attracting things that left you sad, longing, fearful, unfulfilled, and feeling hard on yourself, I believe you are being called. I suggest that SVT is not something here to ruin your life but something that is here to help you reclaim your life. It’s a wakeup call, and it is OUR job to re-evalualte all of the areas of our life that are calling for healing.

When I re-read my journal pages, I saw a girl that was struggling. A  girl that needed guidance and prompting, maybe even a little push. I needed HELP crossing the threshold that was presented to me.  And those are the healing messages and support that I share with our community today. We are all at different phases on our discovery journey and maybe some of  my experiences and wisdom I have gained can help others who are suffering with the same things that plagued me and resulted in SVT.


After I became a Board-Certified Spiritual Life Coach in 2009 and started seeing private clients over and over again, I realized that we all have energy that we absorbed from our environment and family members as children.This energy, is what I call our “default energetic patterns”. In other words, what we experience as children, the energy that surrounds us, is our comfort zone, (no matter how uncomfortable it was). If we don’t consciously recognize this energy, name it, define it and alter it (disentangle it) , we will just re-create that “comfort zone” (default energetic pattern) over and over again for the rest of our lives. In addition to changing our diets, and learning about the SVT-GUT connection, and the actual physical components of SVT to find healing,  it’s essential that we learn about how our thoughts, unhealed emotions from our past and our vibrational energy and the LAW of ATTRACTION are influencing our health. Our attention to these deeper root imbalances is the crux of our ability to self-heal and re-design our lives.

When we are not aware of this, don’t heal it, and consciously design the NEW energy that WE want to live in, we are missing out of powerful ways to master our lives (and SELF-HEAL health issues like SVT)

Learn more about default energetic patterns HERE

In essence, It’s up to us to identify the patterns we keep re-creating, and the things we are attracting and the learn about the LAW of ATTRACTION so that we can understand it and learn to use it in our FAVOR. To do so, It’s VITAL that we spend time Recognizing our BLOCKS and Healing our SACRED WOUNDS From the past. I think that this should be a pre-requisite by the way, for every human to do around age 18!  Imagine if we all spent time before we made mature choices in the world, with knowledgeable mentors and coaches who could help us understand how our core wounds become beliefs and those beliefs become our energetic vibrational field of what we attract over and over again. Imagine if instead of us spending our lives caught up in our wounding, we were instead living our potential, serving the universe and sharing our healing with others.

My passion is to help people HEAL their SVT using the integrative approach that encompasses all of the ways that we can up level our relationship to our self.

YES eating properly and using the SVT-GUT connection in your favor is crucial, but if we don’t acknowledge, recognize  and do our emotional healing work, we are not really getting to the heart of the matter. The root of all of our healing work, in my opinion, is learning how to reconnect with ourselves, learning how to hold space for ourselves, how to meet our own needs and become the person that loves us the most. The crux of our healing lies in our ability to self-nurture, give ourselves compassion and to tend to the wounds that may be deeply hidden within us. Additionally, to learn about the law of attraction so that we can understand how our patterns are attracting things into our lives and creating our reality. The point of all this self-reflection is so that we raise our awareness and are empowered to re-create our health and future, using our intention, intuition and HEART TRUTH,  as our guiding force.

Here are some tips to help you with this process right away:

  • Engaging in Spiritual Practices that strengthen your connection to your HEART TRUTH- Spiritual practices, like journaling and meditation and yoga HELP US to connect to our intuition. It is up to us to practice routines to engage us daily, to commit to them, to make time for them, space for them.
  • Try JOURNALING!- JOURNALING is one of the tools that can help us connect to our heart truth. There are so many styles of journaling such as release writing, intuitive Q + A, letter writing, affirmation journaling, vision journaling etc. Get my FREE Journaling with your Intuition guide HERE.  I created this guide to help you understand how aligned or mis aligned you are with your heart truth along with how connected you are to your INTUITION, your guiding light in your life.  There is endless wisdom that can come from the writing process.
  • Look for themes: Reflect on your experiences in life right now, write out your experiences and situation right now. Then analyze it. You can draw conclusions about patterns and themes showing up in your life over and over again. You can take a Birdseye view and analyze them, looking for common themes and threads. This is similar to what I ask you to do when searching for your SVT triggers and root causes. You are looking for commonalities. You are being your own detective. You can journal about this and even ponder what energetic patterns as a child you think may be contributing to your experiences. You can gain insights about the INNER work that needs to be done, especially if you don’t like your experiences or are suffering. If you need help with this, help to understand and unravel your default energetic patterns or figure out what you are attracting and why, I love to help people with this process. it’s my specialty! Learn about setting up a session with me HERE
  • Stay tuned for my mini course coming soon called 7 days to Ignite your Intuition…Learn more HERE

If you have SVT, there is no doubt that at the very least, a consideration of how closely your life matches your heart truth is in order.

All the best,