SVT and Gluten-Free e-guide: My Newest Heal SVT Naturally Self-Empowerment E-guide is almost here! 

Release date: February 2019

The journey out of my chronic health issues and debilitating SVT that lead to my self-discovery for long-term healing had a lot to do with my diet and discovering that I had gluten sensitivity. Many people with SVT, just like me, have undiagnosed sensitivities to gluten which is causing or worsening their episodes. The good news is that life-changing treatment is in your hands and can begin when you are ready!  If you are serious about discovering a ROOT CAUSE of SVT, my newest tool to help you, my SVT & Gluten Free e-guide will empower you with the knowledge and tools to be successful.

My personal and professional experience has informed my view that gluten is a major factor in contributing to SVT episodes, and that people with SVT have a disproportionately high incidence of CD/NCGS.  People in the SVT community are struggling to manage and control their SVT without any guidance or insight on the role of diet from the
medical community
. All of my e-guides, including this one on gluten,  change all of that by empowering you with the knowledge and the practical tools you need to help yourself.

I firmly believe that it is incumbent upon every SVT patient to learn about the possibility of their own food sensitivities as part of what I describe as the SVT-GUT Connection. I witnessed time and again that when people removed gluten from their diet they eliminated or reduced the frequency of their SVT episodes.

The SVT and Gluten Free e-Guide will lead you through the most important steps to take control of your diet and reward you with the health and the life you deserve.

  • Find out if gluten may be one of your key contributors to your SVT episodes.
  • Learn what gluten is and where it is found in your food, cosmetics and medications.
  • Get the rules for a gluten-free diet and the guidelines for transitioning with confidence.
  • Learn how to get lab tests for gluten intolerance and other food sensitivities.
  • Discover other symptoms of gluten intolerance that you may also have.
  • Receive comprehensive resources for living gluten-free with ease: recipes, menu-plans, SVT pantry, magazines, phone apps, support groups.

There is no other guide like that is this designed for the SVT community. It is essential reading if you are serious about cleaning up your diet and giving yourself the best opportunity to heal your SVT naturally!

This guide will be released on Thursday Feb 28th 2019. Pre-order until then for US $ 5.99. After that, it will be US $9.99

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