SVT Food Tracking

Why Do I Recommend Food Tracking for SVT Triggers?

The Integrative Approach to Healing SVT Naturally is about self-awareness and arming you with self-healing tools. One of these important tools is Food Tracking.

Healing and change always require increasing your self-awareness of your body and your habits.  You will be more motivated and engaged in the process of improving your diet and your health if you pay close attention to what you are eating and feeling, and how this impacts your SVT, as you embark on your  journey of healing.

Tracking what you eat and drink every day, in addition to your bowel movements, your mental anxiety, your ectopic beats, and actual episodes, etc. will become a valuable self-help tool in connecting the dots between your  FOOD and SVT.

Food + SVT

There is no doubt that your FOOD is impacting your gut health and your propensity for SVT.

Food tracking can provide you with personalized clues as to which foods or behaviors may be triggering your SVT. When you keep a log of your food consumption, habits and symptoms, you will begin to expose the obvious SVT triggers.

Some obvious ones are: 

  •  eating sugar for breakfast or white sugar in general
  • foods high in empty carbs or histamines
  • consuming large portions all at once
  • eating too close to bedtime
  • eating food that contain gluten

Over time, food tracking helps to identify the COMMON denominators! This will help you identify your SVT triggers! 

Be an SVT Detective

Many people suffer from unknown food sensitivities that are causing or worsening their SVT–primarily gluten and wheat, but many other foods such as milk products, eggs, soy, yeast to name a few. Sometimes you will be able to see a pattern of fatigue, headaches, digestive distress, dizziness, ectopic beats, extra palpitations, itchiness, constipation or heat intolerance or even an SVT episode after eating certain foods.This is such valuable evidence for you to begin to take seriously.

Please note that identifying food sensitivities is a tricky business.

The inflammatory and reactive effects can occur immediately, in an hour, in three days or chronically!  I used to notice SVT episodes either shortly after large carb dense meals or the when my body burden was high due to a bout of constipation. Remember we are all unique, and our bodies messages can be subtle. It’s your job to pay close attention! Your reactions can be indirect or as obvious as an SVT. These may happen right away or within hours; or take two days to present itself.

It can be even more difficult to draw connections or when you have long term chronic inflammation and your food reactions are not visible, but taking their toll over time on your gut, brain and heart. Please be sure to read my SVT Prevention Diet E-guide to help you fully understand the SVT-GUT connection, and how inflammation, a high body burden, food sensitivities are all contributing and effecting your propensity for SVT,

Get the SVT Prevention Diet e-guide HERE.

If you have already figured out that you feel better without gluten, for example, you may be tempted to occasionally make exceptions to your diet, and then suffer the consequences. To be 100% certain which foods are causing you problems, my best advice is to ultimately seek food sensitivity testing. To read more about the different types of inflammatory reactions and lab testing please review my articles HERE and HERE.  Testing not only will solidify your commitment but convince family members to take this restriction just as seriously as you do.

Apply what you Discover

Once you begin to identify some SVT triggers and common denominators, from your tracking efforts, you can experiment by abstaining from the suspected food to see if your symptoms do not return. You do not need anyone’s permission to use begin to use DIET as a powerful SELF-Healing tool! If you need help with this step, please reach out to me to learn about my private 1:1 Health Coaching for SVT. You can learn more about it HERE

Back Track in an Emergency

If you do have an SVT and have not been food tracking, you can use BACK TRACKING and attempt to recall what you ate in the past 24-48 hours to possibly identify the offending food(s). This is useful and recommended even if you have not been carefully writing down everything every day.

Empower Yourself

As a fellow SVT suffer turned SVT thriver, a Board-Certified Coach and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I enjoy EMPOWERING other people with SVT to learn that this health challenge, is actually just like any other health challenge…here to get your attention and engage you in action steps to CHANGE the things that are depleting, stressful and not nurturing you. You can help yourself heal SVT by using DIET, Lifestyle changes and SElf-care.

I CREATE self-empowerment tools to help you do so.

I hope you will take advantage of the HEAL SVT Naturally RESOURCES I design to help you take back control of your health and your life. Some are listed below.

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